• The QualiWare Enterprise-Architecture Game

  • The Enterprise-Architect game is a game, where you as the manager takes decisions for your architecture team. These decisions span how many architects you want to hire, what they should spend their time on, and the tool they should use. You will have 12 rounds, representing a total of 3 fictive years to prove that you can satisfy the demands from the organization where you are employed. The game is built using dynamic simulation and features correlations and causality identified in more than 100 scientific papers. As such, the game should be quite close to simulating the cause and effect found in real organizations today.

    The articles and books which the game is built on is primarily articles about enterprise-architecture, business-it alignment, enterprise modelling, and organizational design. Correlations identified by the authors in these articles have been added into the game. More than 150 correlations have been identified being both positive and negative. For instance, Peppard (2001) finds that a focus on technical management and communication leads to decrease cross-organizational knowledge sharing, and Benbasat et al. (2000) finds that cross-organizational knowledge sharing leads to increased mutual understanding and increased business-it alignment. Therefore, the game model reflects that correlations identified by Peppard and Benbasat that a too technical focus can lead to decreased alignment.

    A preview of the correlation model can be seen below. Notice that this is not the model used in the game as the game uses its own editor.


    Good luck.

    Peppard, J. (2001). Bridging the gap between the IS organization and the rest of the business: plotting a route. Journal of Info Systems, 11, 249–270.

    Benbasat, B. H. R. and I. (2000). Factors That Influence the Social Dimension of Alignment between Business and Information Technology Objectives. MIS Quarterly, 24(1), 81–113.